Dearly Beloved,

A Serene Seraphim Transmitting Sanguinely Serene Vibes, Incarnate to Transcend Our Conscious Collective in a Divine Direction, Towards the Inevitable Progression of Our Souls Perfection

Marvelous Mission:

May Positively Peaceful Inspirations Behold each and every Sacred Soul with Endearing Elation, so Graciously taking Flight, Laying a Felicitous Foundation Across our Nation. Transcending our Collective Consciousness Straight Towards the Constellations. Cradling each and very Soul in Everlasting Serenity and Awe Inspiring Adoration Onwards and Upwards Towards the Soul of the Worlds Elevation.


Serene Seraphim

Velveteen Visibility

A Timeless Trilogy of; Black Opium, Amber, & Black Currant.


Silkened Eminence Elixir

Existing as the translucent scent of ascent, Silkened Eminence captures the distinct yet delicate essence of the divine. It is an exquisite symphony betwixt exotic notes of jasmine and velvety sandalwood. Infused with the intoxicatingly wispy fragrance of cashmere cotton musk, accompanied by the awakening aroma of calmative carnation.


Evocative Adagio Elixir

A Synthesis of Sensuously Serene Aromatic Oils; Riddled with Luscious Rose Undertones, the Enlivening Essence of Peppermint, all Infused with Romantic Center Notes of Red Currant and Soothing Superlative Tones of Eucalyptus.


Amorous Ascentia Elixir

Illustriously Lavish thyn Luxuriant Senses in the Irresistibly Refined Essence of Amorous Ascentia. This Enchanting Elixir Exists as a Heavenly High Harmony of Exalted Notes. For its Blessed Base is Supported by Damask Rose Oil, Emanating the Highest Vibrational Frequency, Rousing Amorous Hymns Within. Its Sacrosanct Center is Cohesively Held Together by the Fine Euphoric Fragrance of Mahogany Teakwood Coupled with the Complex Velvety Aroma of Vetiver. Alas, Anointed by Intoxicatingly Enamoring Nuances of Black Currant, Eliciting Everlasting Opulence as thyn Heart ranscends with the Euphoric Euphony Within.


On Sale Now!  A Compilation of Spiritual Poetry :The Progressive Perfection of the Soul


On Sale Now!  The Progressive Perfection of the Soul: Self- Audit Journal


On Sale Now! Self Love for the Selfless: A Timeless Transfiguration
On Sale Now! Artistry of Energetic Alignment Journal 

Positively Poet Peaceful Products

On Sale Now!  A Compilation of Spiritual Poetry:
Serenity Sought within the Sanctity of the Silver Lining 


On Sale Now! Word-search for the Wordsmith: Whimsical Wonderment of Wondrous Words


On Sale Now!  That Which you Seek is Seeking You Journal


On Sale Now!  
Hymns of thyn Heart Journal


On Sale Now!  Starved for Soul Connection Diary


On Sale Now!  Equation of Eternal Equanimity: Dream Diary


On Sale Now!  Limitless Lucidity: Dream Diary


On Sale Now!  Subconscious Symbolism Dream Journal


~Sacred Space of Conscious Connection~

In this sacred space, lets allow for our hearts to consciously connect freely & openly.




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