Astoundingly Amazaing Affirmations

Welcome to the Awe inspiring Atmospheric Space of Astoundingly Amazing Affirmations: Affirmations are like that of a most Adoring Ambrosia of marvelous words, manifesting a most angelically divine ambiance of pure positivity. For affirmations are like sprinkles of positivity that lay a most astounding foundation, with the intent of transcending our nation. Repetitions of these affirmations have the power to internally transform you, soothe the soul of you. They are essentially life’s most glorious glue, reminding you that you are powerful beyond measure, that you are a true treasure, and if to yourself you remain true, any and everything you shall ultimately get through.

~When we are not caught up in emotions, we can quietly observe them as if they were a storm and see that after they are here for a time, like a storm, they shall pass~

~When we cease to allow for our emotions to consume us, we are afforded the opportunity to instead, be a quiet observer to them as if they were a storm and see that after they are here for a fleeting moment in time, like that of a storm, they inevitably pass away with the the passage of time~

~Quietly observe each emotion without judgement nor immediate reaction, instead acknowledge there presence and allow for the astound artistry of each fleeting emotion to quietly move through you~

~Surrender and allow for the universe to conspire as it may, for the universe knows the end of a thing before it begins~

~All around us, we encounter forces, comparable to emotions. We can either be completely consumed by these forces or be liberated by the wisdom of understanding the nature of these forces~

~Trust in the process, knowing that some storms may last longer than others, yet instill there is a lesson to be learned, so stay grounded and take cover~

~In the midst of a storm, one cannot see the sun, yet in still it is timelessly lingers behind the clouds, awaiting for the chance to rise and shine again~

~In consciously acknowledging and honoring the nature of these forces that be, we delightfully become aware of our innate capacity to be lovingly liberated, set free~

~Those of us whom are keen seekers of wisdom & enlightenment are among those who are compelled to discover the nature underlying these forces~

~Everyone hopes for happiness, no one welcomes pain, but dear soul please take solace in knowing that we are incapable of fully experiencing joy without a little rain~

~Life is not truly lived by avoiding the rain, but instead fully enjoyed when one chooses to delight in the dance of each raindrop~

~Be guided by your heart, place less emphasis on the mind, simply because often times the egoic mind can be blind to that which is divine~

~W are infinite beams of light with infinite possibilities in our sights~

~Embracing onself is the mot true form of currency~

~By fully embracing ones strife, one allows for their spirit to soar to higher and higher heights, effortlessly elevating, taking flight~

~Try as you may, by God try as you might, for as long as you are trying, then your dreams shall surely take flight~

~Live in your truth, express your divinely present inner light and allow for the love in your heart to miraculously ignite~

~You hold the recipe to your destiny, becoming aware of this is such a delightful pleasantry, oh so overwhelmingly beautiful, celestial, heavenly~

~Things may not always go smooth, you might even be left with a bump or a bruise. But yet in still knowing that the road may get rough. We must stay mentally tough, for being content is simply not enough. ~

~Keep in mind, to set your sights high, knowing that there is no obstacle that you cannot defy, in that way your spirit will get a sense of what it feels like to oh so felicitously fly~

~Oh how soulfully serene as I swim upstream as a part of an interwovenly interconnected most greatly divine scheme~

~Existing in multiple realities, where every precious plane, so transcendentally intertwined in eternity, spirits controlled by the illusion of time, looping through each moment, oh the rhapsody of life’s oh so felicitous rhyme. For it is through the lyrics of love written on our hearts that our souls may contribute to the stoppage of time. For love is the only thing that transcends both space and time.~

~ Through the ever so free expression of the lyrics written on your heart and soul the very essence that is you, you can stop time~

~Paint a portrait on the world with your heart, graciously color each crevice, leaving your eternal mark. Color on our universe from the depths of your beating heart~.

~Tired of doing things that my spirit doesn’t want to do just because I want something new. For it is time to respond to every call that truly excites your, for it shall ultimately guide you to your truth.~

~Sparks of the divine, melodically manifesting in an oh so glorious rhyme, oh what a romantic rendezvous in time ~

~Shall I rest in this current reality, or shall I catapult my spirit, thus setting my soul free? Free to be all that I was destined to be, being cradled in the universes wholehearted harmony ~

~Reality Shattering, Time Traveling in and out of different realities, manifesting the future reality that my minds eyes sees. Day Dreaming about by most Divine Destiny. ~

~We are bigger than our regrets, for we shape our future, we are our future~

~Living with regrets is like being a permanent prisoner of your past, don’t allow to selfishly let this feeling last~

~Don’t allow for regrets to tear down your spirit, accept and embrace your past, for regrets are a distant memory, an eternal part of history. Instead allow for yourself to revel in the delight and excitement of the future as a marvelous mystery~

~Don’t allow for regrets of the past & anxieties of the future to soil your spirit. Allow for your heart to open to the beauty of the present moment and rest assured that the divine existence that is you, shall surely shine through~



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