As the Waves Wash Over Me

Oh as the waves so formidably yet most gracefully wash over me, it as if I am being; re-birthed, detoxified, suddenly blessed to see things with such ease, such calming clarity. Channeling the essence of this oceanic oasis, my spirit feels so amazingly intertwined with the divine, intoxicated by the rising tide, like that of an oh so refined sip of wine. Enticed by the depths of each wave caresses the very soul of me. The deeper my heart goes, the more this felicitous fondness grows, there is no greater feeling of love & serenity that I have known. As this oceanic oasis takes a hold of me, my heart has been uncaged, so liberatingly set free.


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2 thoughts on “As the Waves Wash Over Me

  1. I was inspired by being able to picture myself being cleaned an purified by the, washing away all my trobles an now being free…. thank you 4 ur positive inspiration 2 the word.

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    1. Oh Monica you have placed a smile in the depths of my heart. I am so thankful that you were able to utilize my words to visualize a sort of cleansing, rejuvenating feeling, an overflow of harmonious healing. ❤ A Bounty of Blessings to your Beloved ❤


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