Growing Through a Starry Night

What one goes through, they grow through. We may try and graciously dance around the truth, but if one listens closely, it will become clear that there is a lesson that must be seen through. Your reality may appear; bleak & dark, you may even deep down inside feel; empty, hollow and blue. But this my beloved friend is the time, the moment in time where you mustn’t allow these clouds to overshadow you. For this darkness has divinely been put into place, to allow for your most radiant light to; emerge, radiate, and eternally shine through. For stars are only present when the sky is the darkest shade of blue. So I say revel in the darkness, as your inner light is present even if it is not in plain sight.  But dear soul, if you continue to push through, thrive, and fight, you will soon become the ever-present light that brightens up even the darkest of nights. In doing so, the depths of your heart, the very soul of you shall; soar and so graciously take flight. Contingent upon whether you try with all of your might, your eternal spirit shall inevitably ascend to higher and higher heights and thus like a spark of the divine, transcending to a reality enveloped in love, paved with peace, and sprinkled with delight.


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