Love: A Transcendent Tryst

The day the earth stood still, my whole body has the chills, earth shaking, soul shattering, this opening to a completely different reality has unlocked the very soul of me. Everything so comfortingly foreign to me, filled with an overwhelming gracious form of glee. There is no place I would rather be, yet I sense that this is not the only form of me, this can’t be. There has to be more layers, more depth to this form I refer to as “me”. For there are pieces of me lingering in other space time realities, my experiences flying by at the speed of light, right in front of me. Which loop hole shall this lifespan travel through to obtain the truth? The journey within, residing within the depths of me. My soul often times wanders, floating in the wondrous land of contemplation, wondering if there are chances I missed, taking solace in knowing that all experiences manifest into this space time reality, as they are supposed to be, in a rhythmic dance, a serendipitous kiss. Nothing short of kismet, cosmic bliss. For love is the one thing, that lies at the core of this transcendent tryst.  Oh how my soul would be remiss if I did not revel in your most astounding abyss, your mystically melodic mist.


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