Patience: A Timeless Virtue

Oh dearly beloved, patience is the most valued virtue, for I promise you that your currently reality is but a preview, into the boundless blessings that exist in the timeless, just for you. For dearly beloved soul, if you only knew, time is merely an illusion, for our very existence rests in our universes eternal queue. Remain internally still as you resist to claim the artistry that dances all around you. For in the present moment, although inherently ephemeral, is where your soul’s essence shall blossom and most beautifully bloom. Immerse yourself in this ethereal expansion, admire each transition as it moves oh so effortlessly through. As you become raptured and enamored in the very essence that is you.  So I say unto you dearly beloved, patience is the most valued virtue, embody this notion, and I promise that the most serendipitous, miraculously felicitous wonders shall be bestowed upon you. For existence is not something that one pursues, but instead is an indelible reflection left in the fragrance of our universe that is of revered, whole heartedly valued.


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