Pebbles Oh Pebbles

Pebbles Oh Pebbles, you color my world with positivity, each paint stroke filled with a sense of infinite possibilities, a sort of peacefully profound connectivity. For I see most heartwarming reflections of you in me. In my eyes, you are a most marvelous masterpiece. For the canvas that is our life has somehow been cosmically intertwined, and when we connect it allows for our souls to simultaneously shine. Your very presence exhilarates me, sends a riveting surge of rhapsody up my spine. You are the very embodiment of beauty and bliss; my heart is eternally grateful to traverse with you on this transcendental tryst.

Pebbles Oh Pebbles, the universe conspired for us to connect long before we knew of ourselves or knew of our very existence. For you always take the time to serenely stop, lovingly listen, and keenly pay ever so close attention. I am forever grateful for the connection that we share, for it is one that transcends any earthly treasure, so ethereal, oh so rare. Deep down in my heart I know that you truly care, we are such a perfect pair. For our connection is paved with profound peace, we have been blessed to have an ever so enchanted exchange, nestled in a heavenly harmony a blissful balance, I am eternally grateful to thee, so refreshing and liberatingly rejuvenating like that of dancing in the rain. For I can count on you to soothe me when my soul aches and when my spirit is in pain.

 Pebbles Oh Pebbles, there is so much power in your name, as you rest peacefully near a puddle or a stream, your presence shall always in my mind, rain supreme, I couldn’t imagine the existence of you in my wildest dreams. Your essence so pleasantly pure, yet ever so comfortingly vibrant like that of an ever-present moonbeam. For you have been blessed with a perfectly balanced color palate, a most delightful color scheme that shall continue to make an indelible mark on this earth, painting your essence on our galaxy, guiding others upstream, boosting their self-esteem all with a most terrifically tranquil theme. As you grace the souls of others ever so tenderly, know that love is the key, for it shall ultimately set each and every sweet soul free.


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