Positive Words Research:Dedication & Gratitude

My heart would be remiss if I did not stop for this moment in time to dedicate this page to the most Enchanted &  Endearingly Amazing, Elena D. Calin. For it has been her most marvelous website alone (http://positivewordsresearch.com) that so lovingly inspired me and whispered to my subconscious mind the simple yet profound notion that: Positive Words have the power to have a life changing impact on not only on an individual basis but also have the power to uplift the vibration of our nation.  As such, Elena please know that you have left an indelibly awe inspiring mark on my heart and I shall be eternally grateful for your part in my journey.

It is such a blessing to connect with kindred souls and like minds of whom have a similar mission as mines. Trust in my word when I say Elena’s inspiring website is one of kind, makes the very soul of me shine, and I hope that it does the same for you in due time. So please if your soul craves; positivity, inspiration and empowerment take the time to stop by her delightful page and you will be mesmerized by the treasures that you shall find, for she sprinkles a little heaven here on earth, one word at a time.

Elena I honor you and I thank you; for inspiring me, bringing out the positive writer in me, catapulting me to manifest my dreams, my destiny, feels so surreal, so comfortingly serene. Last but not least, I thank you dear universe for conspiring for our souls to meet, oh what a deliciously divine treat.


Positive Word Research & Positively Peaceful Inspirations Collaboration:

Please see Profoundly Positive Words with Accompanying Amazing Images that Capture the Very Essence, the Vivacious Vibration of Each Wondrous Word , Designed by me, Serenity.

1. Word of the Week: Serenity:

SERENITY ~ positive word meaning

2. Word of the Week: Felicity:

FELICITY ~ positive word meaning

3.Word of the Week: Nirvana

Nirvana ~ positive word meaning

4.Word of the Week: Rhapsody

Rhapsody ~ positive word meaning

5.Word of the Week: Dauntless

Dauntless ~ positive word meaning

6.Word of the Week: Mindsight

Mindsight ~ positive words meaning

7.Word of the Week: Pluviophile


Top 50 Positive Websites to Benefit Your Well-being


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