Silver Lining

Oh dear soul the time has come to cease your weeping & crying, for you mustn’t forget about your silver lining. Similar to that of gold mining, allow for a detox of the soul, sifting through all of the dirt, all that remains is pure gold. Revel in it’s opulence as it rests there shinning. Oh silver lining your presence seems so hard to obtain, yet in still you eternally reign, for you are the most serene form of shelter even when it; hails, storms, and rains. And so my achy soul shall continue to, dance, and drink in the delightful drizzle of the rain, allowing for each dewy drop to envelope the very depths of my heart and soul, rejuvenating my spirit, thus making me whole. Silver lining, a hidden gem that resides within, seemingly unobtainable yet so familiarly akin.


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