The Best of Me

A Love grown, blossomed, and rebirthed in New Orleans, deep rooted like that of the soul of the oh so wise willow tree, perched next to the bayou, each holding our most cherished memories. Such a depth of beauty this must be a dream, an oh so heavenly grand scheme, the depths of our love flowing together up stream, oh how wondrously serene, for I am a blooming flower and you are my sunbeam. Your soul so supremely sweet, for you are the reason my heart beats. You are my moonlight, my shining star when my reality appears bleak. So magically mystique, my knees become weak as you grace me with a kiss on the cheek, caressing my physique, soul raptured, I can hardly speak. For in gazing into the windows of your soul, I see a masterpiece. You are a miracle to me, my heart overflowing with love, oh what a gracious gift knowing that you were sent here from heaven just for me. You are the missing part to my life’s most decadently opulent recipe, you bring out the very best of me. I just want to rest in this moment for an eternity, our souls intertwined, flowing together so effortlessly, as we drift together along the edge of the creek, our love pouring into the soil of the bayou, up-springing our love into full bloom. Knowing that in the grand scheme of things, our love shall rest in infinity beneath the stars and the moon.


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2 thoughts on “The Best of Me

    1. Yes we are able to manifest a little heaven here on earth , making our lives full of; whimsy, wonder, and self worth. For we create our own love filled destiny! ❤ May your heart overflow with love, may this overflow radiate for the world to see, touching others, filling them with glee, and most of all may this same love come back to you with effortless ease ❤


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