Oh lord I graciously thank you for unwavering faith. Steadfast in my heart, knowing that you shall guide me to a most divine place. For my soul is something that you shall never forsake. Although mistakes may be made along the way, I have a divine destiny painstakingly paved , purposefully laid out for me and with this in mind, I shall do whatever it takes. Against all odds, my hearts purest passions and deepest desires are at stake. Unto you my lord my bounty of success I shall happily dedicate. For your ethereal spirit is one I shall eternally emulate. For this unwavering faith that I have tapped into is something that I once had to generate, consciously cultivate.

And now I know that faith has, and always will reside deep inside of us, inherently innate. As such, we must celebrate, knowing that our most felicitous fate is what awaits. This precious promise alone shall serve to help me navigate, gravitate towards my desire to be great, my life’s purpose to wholeheartedly captivate the hearts of others, to magically motivate. So hold on to this fantastic faith filled state and a bounty of blessings shall abound not a moment too soon nor a moment too late. For we must believe in that which we can’t see, and it shall be received. Your destiny will be lovingly created and you shall be elated. And before you know it, you’ll be gazing into the eyes of your oh so delicious fate, adorned with timeless treasures at gods oh so glorious gates.


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2 thoughts on “Faith

  1. Thank u for intertwining the wonderful things our Lord can give us by trusting an beliving that He has a bounty full of Blessings awaiting, because of the spirit we have within, overflowing with joy by having faith, ur great, an He is never too late.


    1. Oh my, your words are so Angelic, so heavenly heartwarming. Your unwavering faith is what inspires me each and every day, blesses me in each and every way. And I know that these blessings shall magically manifest for you, with the rise of the sun, each new day. May Peace, Prosperity & Profound love pave your way as you are felicitously guided by your unwavering faith~ ❤


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