Just Be

On my divine path towards becoming the greatest version of me, I often forget the need to just “be”. Firmly resting in the timeless unfolding of the present moment allows for the very essence of my soul to be set free. As I allow for each precious moment to cradle my heavy heart, I begin to be immersed in the beauty of the ever so present light and shielded from the depths of the dark. Although reality, can sometimes appear stark, we must remember that if compassion and love resides in the depths of our hearts that we shall make an everlasting imprint in this earth, forever leaving our mark.So, at once break free from life’s restrictive chains and allow for yourself to be freed and at last be guided by your heart.  For your heart knows the locale and place of each of life’s guideposts even when it’s dark. So, I say res in this present moment, rest with your heart and there will be nothing that can tear you and your divine destiny apart.


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