Oh Sweet Oak

Mesmerized as I gaze at the timeless presence of the grounded oak tree. Taking in it’s magnificent beauty. Oh each uniquely created branch, connected to the endless stream of stems all cradling a brilliant bounty of leaves.

Oh sweet oak, you are not just a tree, you have profound message within thee. For you once were a tiny seed, although small in stature you managed to stand your ground, divinely guided to this fertile ground, deep down where boundless love and flourishing life may be found. Now here you stand oh so proudly, tremendously tall, where mother natures magnificent life giving light befalls.

Oh sweet Oak, you are truly a sight to behold, a  heavenly vision to my eyes, my hopeful heart and the marvel that is my mind. With your roots so firmly immersed in the sustenance of the soil below , I am certain that your very essence is ever presently connected with that of the divine.

Oh sweet Oak, your undeniably beautiful inner strength exudes from deep within, touching the depths of my heart and giving me peace of mind that shall rest with me until the very end of time.


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