Everything happens for a reason, and is a apropos for it’s season. At the moment, we may not see a rhyme or reason. However, we must maintain faith and rest assured that we are born alchemists, possessing the ability to; mold, shape, and manifest brilliantly beautiful things in our lives, for resting in the present moment is so effortlessly enamoring, feels so right. Knowing in our hearts, that try as we may with all of our might we have the innate power to make our present moments & future to come to life, shinning ever so bright. Once we tap into this innate ability, we may be afforded the precious pleasure to relax and revel in the delight of such a magically marvelous sight. Please assure to remind your spirit of it’s everlasting strength each waking morning and each restful night. Ups & Downs, Regrets &Misgivings are an inevitable part of this earthly form of life. However, we must allow for our spirit within to transcendentally rise above these worldly happenings, so that it may eternally take flight.


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