Oh Autumn

Oh Autumn opens up my heart, my soul, and my mind to the deliciosity of this present moment in time. Each free falling, color changing leaf intoxicates me like an opulent sip of wine.

Oh Autumn, so refreshingly refined, in my mind the finest moment of all time. For I can hear the soul of each tree whisper to my subconscious mind that my heart must lovingly shed its vibrantly colored leaves, resting in the solace that in time that this transformation shall be my saving grace, like that of unlocking the bountifully glorious treasures of a gold mine.

Oh Autumn, the essence of you is indelibly imprinted into the vessels of my heart, for you and I are interconnected, marvelously intertwined. For I am eternally yours and you eternally mines.

Oh Autumn I honor your metamorphic nature, for it reminds me of the inevitability, the necessity of change, reconnects me with the marvel of mother nature, there is no feeling greater. Makes me want drop to my knees and oh so devoutly thank my creator.

Oh Autumn you were manifested by our savior, and so this season I shall soak in and forever savor. Oh what a soulfully divine flavor. For my affinity for your autumn breeze shall never waiver. Although, as all seasons eventually end, I shall always be grateful for the comfort that you bring, allowing for me to transcend and delve into the depths within. I shall keep your cherished memory near my heart, delightfully kindred, amazingly akin, a close companion, a felicitous friend.


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