Seeking Serenity

Serenity Oh Serenity, your essence is so enamoringly enchanted to me, our fragrances felicitously intertwined, eternally interlaced betwixt the melody that is you, in this moment in time. My hearts appeasing affinity for you invokes for the soul of me to expansively shine. Your effervescent energy envelopes me, celestially cradles my soul in calmative comfort, iridescent clarity. For there is no more transcendent form of tranquility, quintessential divinity, oh how I cherish thee, existing as a kindred spirit to me, a heavenly haven, a most sanctified sanctuary.

Serenity Oh Serenity, an ephemeral dream to me, an unfathomable fondness for your ineffable frequency, ever so magnetically mesmerizing, intently inviting, overwhelmingly enlightening. Lavishing me in your loving luminescence, oh how profoundly precious is your presence. For you embody the essence of me, each vibration caressing ever vivacious vessel ever so slowly, seeping into the soul of me, pouring upon me ever so pleasantly, a space time reality that exists as holier than holy.

Serenity Oh Serenity, your boundless beauty, so blissfully breathtaking to me, oh how I savor the sweet soul shaking sensation of thee. Entranced by this delightfully delicate dance, hand in hand, a most reverenced romance, evoking for the havens of my heart to ever so exquisitely expand. An eloquent serenade, showering the soul of me, soothing me ever so sentimentally. As your splendor oh so elegantly cloaks the core of me. Your angelic ambience akin to me, existing as a pre-ordained part of my divine destiny.


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1. Word of the Week: Serenity:

SERENITY ~ positive word meaning

7 thoughts on “Seeking Serenity

    1. Awe my dearest kindred soul, I am wholeheartedly grateful that each word resonated with you as it dripped like that of liquid love from the infinite ocean that is my soul. I pray that your spirit has been enveloped in the ever endearing essence of serenity from the timelessly tranquil treasures being told, may these seeds of love nourish your soul, as you blossom, bloom, and grow. ❤

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