As the Waves Wash Over Me:2

Oh to be in the ethereally breathtaking presence of the ocean, is a timeless treasure, a gracious gift. Feeling as though my; body, mind, and soul are completely weightless, floating adrift. Oh my heart is cosmically connected with each cascading wave, immersed in the depths of a romantic rendezvous, a tantalizing tryst. I crave the beauty of this moment, wishing to allow for every second to caress the spirit of me like that of a wondrous wave crashing upon the curves of the shore. I could live off of this moment, allowing for it to nourish me and nothing more. Feels like the heavenly haven that is my home, immensely comforting, a delightful feeling of déjà vu, as if I have been here before. Being at the feet of the seashore is reminiscent of that of knocking on heavens divine door. So I say waves wash over me, wash over me like never before. Oh what a feeling I wholeheartedly love, astoundingly adore. Felicity, tranquility, and serenity are ever-present here, I shall look no further, I shall seek no more. Oh what a preciously perfect part of our most wondrous world.


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