Dream within a Dream

Our souls exist in a dream within a dream, and boy oh boy, let me tell you, nothing is at it seems. Take solace in knowing that the beauty of it all is that you my felicitous friend are a powerful co-creator in the reality that is your dream, a most brilliant being. For my dear what you perceive is what you come to believe. We are born into this world with indelible imprints by the delicate dance of others dreams, but in a cathartic reality shattering moment in time we come to realize that, “that’s just it!” that is their dream, their virtual reality, not mines. Then an ever so luminescent spark goes off in the haven that is our hearts, in the marvel that is our minds, that on this lovingly liberating, endearingly enchanted journey we come to find that although your dream is not mines, the irrefutable truth arises and shines, that we are all co-creators of the reflection that is our universe in this lifetime

And on a soul level, when one comes to recognize this familiarly comforting feeling in the depths of of our soul, our most divine shrine, we start to realize that the rhapsody of our reflections of one another are what consciously connects us, all intertwined by the deliciosity of this dream. Yet in still, we shall never forget that, we are each, fearlessly, beautifully, and wonderfully made, one of a kind. So, I say unto you, always let your divinely created inner light shine. For this ferociously wondrous fire of yours that resides inside, shall project into our reality as a reflection in our wondrous universe, so enigmatically intertwined for eternity, for all time.


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