A felicitously serene form of tranquility. Oh what a transcendentally celestial trinity, a glimpse into the depths of the deliciosity of divinity. Bestowed upon my spirit ever so blissfully, all while consciously cradled in your rhapsody. Oh to marvel in your magnificent melody. Comforted by the cadence of your captivating compassion, your iridescent clarity

Your eternally enlivened essence envelopes me, cosmically caresses the soul of me. A holy haven, a heartwarming halo of hope, a harmony of happiness and gleeful joviality. Resting in the reservoir of your rapture is ever so angelically astounding.

Oh Felicity, enamored by your ethereally salacious scent. Entranced by your delightfully flagrant fragrance, your delicately divine dance, enlivened by your exuberance. Oh how euphorically enchanted. For your essence, your felicitous frequency embodies the very epitome of ephemeral ecstasy. Nestled in the nourishment of your Nirvana, infinitely intoxicates the very essence that is me.


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Please see Profoundly Positive Words with Accompanying Amazing Images that Capture their Very Essence, Designed by me, Serenity.

2. Word of the Week: Felicity:

FELICITY ~ positive word meaning

4 thoughts on “Felicity

  1. Thank you for your blissful poems Felicity ❤ I am researching positive words since 2013 and your blog is full of positive words I never heard about, I do not know how you know all these words. I need to make a serious research of your blog and add all these positive words to the list of positive words from Positive Words Research. Like discussed, when I do this I will let you know of the list I found. Planning of making an article about new positive words discovered at Positively Peaceful Inspirations, the blog of Serenity. ❤


    1. Oh most most splendid soul, my heart is overflowing with love simply knowing that words that reside within the depths of my heart have inspired you to compose a delightfully blissful article about newly discovered words sprinkled with positivity on my site. Please do not hesitate in letting me know if I can be of assistance with this project, I am only an e-mail away. Talk soon! It is so wonderful to connect with you, it sincerely warms my heart! 🙂

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