Go with the Flow

Oh Dearly Beloved, Go with the Flow, tap into your felicitous falsetto, you most terrifically tantalizing tempo. All of that you think you know, you must freely forgo, and a timelessly tender transformation is what you shall undergo.

Oh Dearly Beloved, Go with the Flow, relentlessly ride the rhapsody of your unique rhythm and you shall begin to connect with the cadence of your inner cosmos. Your life shall be vivaciously enlivened, cascading with color, like that of a most radiant rainbow.

Oh Dearly Beloved, Go with the Flow, and you shall cultivate a reality that is eternally celestial, a heavenly harmony ,leaving you angelically aglow. For it is here, that you shall allow for an oceanic oasis of elation to overflow.

Oh Dearly Beloved, Go with the Flow, be entranced by the delicate dance betwixt you and your most blissful beat, a bounty of blessings and beyond is what shall bestowed. A most delicious treat as you delve into you innermost delightful dynamo.


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2 thoughts on “Go with the Flow

  1. I will go with the flow emerged in Heavens couds on earth, flowing with delight, knowing that, I am free to go with the fliw, love this, ur poems take me to diffrent hights of imagination an though. THank u 4 spreading ur gift 2 the world with peace an positivity.


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