Follow Your Bliss

For I say follow your bliss,although the chances you take may seem like a shot in the dark,trust in knowing that there is no way you can miss.Simply follow your heart,for it is always worth the radical risk.For when you take risks and behold the magic that unfolds,it shall be as kismet as a cosmic kiss.Oh dearly beloved,revel in the present moment,relinquish all fears of the future ,cherish all that is here and divine pathways shall astoundingly open up,your journey,your purpose, the reason you were placed here shall appear so vividly so crisply clear.At times we may feel as though we are coasting along aimlessly,sailing a drift.Yet if we open our hearts to the present we shall find that each moment is a precious treasure,a beloved gift.Take solace in knowing that,that which appears to be ending,is simply the unfolding of a new beginning. Where in,in the end you shall be winning,left so gleefully grinning.So beautifully beaming, feels so surreal, you might say to yourself, “I must be dreaming”, so allow for yourself to be drenched in the most blessed form of bliss, savor every last drip, lavishly drinking in every bit,intoxicated by each sumptuous sip. And so I say, eternally soak your essence in the splendor of your bliss.


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2 thoughts on “Follow Your Bliss

  1. Beautifully said. I plan to ‘follow my bliss’. Thanks for being you, and inspiring me. Wishing you all good things and joy.


    1. Hello Lovely Soul, My heart is elated to know that my words were able to inspire you to continue to live a life of happiness and joy as you continue to follow your bliss. Remember that as you do beautiful things shall unfold for you, a path that that has been preciously and perfectly paved just for you 🙂


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