Nirvana Oh Nirvana, to be cradled by your cosmic karma, your divinely delightfully dharma. Ever so felicitously frozen in time as I marvel at this magically melodic moment. Cozily nestled atop an encroaching comet, as I blissfully revel in the rhapsody of your sacredly soulful sonnet. Spellbound by your salacious silhouette, your most sublime sound, soaked in the nourishment of every note, for you are a most angelically appealing antidote, an amazingly abounding ambrosia, a cornucopia, causing my spirit to levitate as it soars serenely afloat. And so, my soul surrenders to your splendor, your tranquil touch, so timelessly tender, your sumptuous symphony serving for my soul to shiver, oh so quaintly quiver.  Wholeheartedly hoping that this heavenly harmony never withers.


4. Word of the Week:Nirvana:

Nirvana ~ positive word meaning

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