~Mesmerized by your Melody, Lost in Space~

Music is the most melodious form of magic, connecting us all through its electrifying energy, its vivacious vibration, nestling in souls all across the nation, each filled with effervescent elation. My soul smoothly grooves as I am blended betwixt the abounding bass, the most breathtakingly beloved beat,what a most delectably delicious, temptingly tantalizing treat. For my soul has never been salaciously dipped in something so succulent, so sweet. Your spellbinding symphony, gently graces the soul of me, Raptured by this rendezvous with your rhythm embraces my essence ever so gently. Hypnotized by your heavenly hymn, I claim this melody as mines, mesmerized by this tender moment in time. Artfully crafting the ambiance as we get lost in this delightfully delicious dance, as the soul of me melts, in reality it never stood a chance, as each note intoxicatingly tempts me into a trance. Comforted by your cadence, as I delicately drip like honey through your hands. The essence of you echoing through my vessels, my glands. Cosmically caressing me as I gaze up at the stars, feet firmly planted in the sand. For you are like a liquid love to barren lands, revitalizing us, rejuvenating us, leaving our ethereal earth elated, free to express the reason that we were created, coloring the canvas that is our world, precisely yet oh so preciously painting it, for this what we have created. Mesmerized by your melody, lost in space,graciously gone without a trace.Soaring through this sublime place, savoring each tempting taste, embraced by your grace.


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One thought on “~Mesmerized by your Melody, Lost in Space~

  1. Yes its true how the music can mesmerize u into another place an time of when happiness was once mine an the new song an dance that puts me in a trans, of love that gets me on my feet, tapping to the beat, im full of peace, I hear the sounds of rhythm an melody, like Im floating in his arms slowly as he glides me to his soul my mate, now im feeling great.
    You bring soo much out of me when I read your poems, inspiration, love, peace and joy, thank you soo much


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