Cosmically Compassionate Conspiracy

d~When you want something, the universe conspires in helping you achieve it~

Paul Coelho


~Once you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen~

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Oh dearly beloved soul, I swear to you that the universe ever so consciously conspires  to cosmically transcend you higher and higher, for all things are delicately intertwined, a most carefully concocted cornucopia designed to inspire, cradle the depths of you. Cosmically connected to the core of you. Refrain from fretting the unknown, for in actuality what you seek is so splendidly seeking you, for your reality embodies the very reflection that is you. So my dearly beloved you see, the universe is conspiring in the felicitous favor of you, along with a sweet form of splendid serendipity sailing along side you, whispering to your subconscious mind to respond to every call that so enticingly excites you. Stirring you to astoundingly angelic altitudes, as you grace each groove, each enchanted elevation, each celestial curve, remaining still even as you shift & swerve.

For your destiny is being divinely directed, precisely paved out for you, preciously perfected. For you are a marvelously mesmerizing, angelically astonishing alchemist, co-creator, cosmically intertwined with your destiny, your pre-arranged rhapsody of a recipe. An oh so alluring ambrosia of vibrations, absorbed  from our earths atmosphere, making the universe’s roap map appear ever so vividly clear. Allowing for answers to our spirits heart aching questions and conscious concerns to astoundingly appear. Foregoing all forms of fear, propelling us forward, flying across life’s frontiers, victoriously going through life with a smile as a souvenir. Never have signs from the universe ever been so sheer, so near and dear. And so I rest in this eternally ethereal place, this serenely sublime space, enlivened by a sense of enlightened grace.


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