Surrender renders a sublime spirit of splendor, so supremely sweet, so timelessly tender . Savoring this salvation as my soul is endearingly embraced by each falling ember, enrapturing my core, my center, with a revelation that I shall eternally revere, forever renowned, most devoutly remembered. And so my spirit relentlessly reclaims, so profoundly proclaims, ever so enthusiastically exclaims that, “The order of my steps have be preciously pre-ordained”, refraining from claiming any form of pain or disdain, my spirit emerges, remarkably resurrected, righteously reclaimed, reveling in the essence of renewal , magically moving through me, soothing the soul of me, a revival, a liberating sense of being set free, lavishing in this liberty, prompts me to profess the bounty of beauty in this nirvana that nourishes me. Anointed in the atmosphere of acceptance, this feeling is supremely heavenly.Submitting to the universes’s serendipitous sweet synergy. The pre-eminence of your precious presence comforts me. All conspiring for my restorative victory, that which is divinely destined for me, angelically aligned with the destiny that has been birthed within me, devoutly mine, submitting to the most heavenly sacred signs, oh what a miraculous marvel to my mind. Stoking the fire of my heart, soul ripening, sure to blessedly blossom & bloom in due time, reveling in the spirit of this unrelentingly illustrious sunshine.


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2 thoughts on “Surrender

    1. Thank you my dearest Renee from the bottom of my heart, as a fellow writer, I respect your feedback and am honored to be connected with such a wise and beautiful spirit as yourself. You are blessed and highly favored, God has divinely paved your steps, a treasure may be found at every step 🙂


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