Sweeter than Candy

Loving kindness is sweeter than candy, as it sacredly seeps through to the hearts of others, oh how heavenly, this love filled land of milk and honey. Grazing in the gum drop galore garden of gratitude, how satisfying, how yummy, garnished in a glace of Carmel, mmm what a tantalizing taste. Swimming in this saccharine sea, so scrumptious, so splendidly smooth, graciously glazed like a cornucopia of confections atop a celebratory cake. Lavishing in this lusciously liberating lake of love, licorice and lollipops lingering in the skies above. An ornate ocean, soaking in a river of sugar cane, reveling in each candy cane flavored drop of rain, revitalizing this preciously perfect plane. Cultivating this crop of candy filled compassion in a most felicitously flourishing fashion, fruitfully fantastic. Waves of whimsical wonderment, coated and caramelized in generosity. What an adoringly abounding ambrosia of awe inspiring altruism accompanied by a bounty of benignity. What a delightfully delectable place to be, decorously sprinkled with dazzling deliciosity. Enveloped in the aroma of amicability, so sublime to my sense, savoring the very essence of sensationally enchanted empathy.


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