Nestled in the Nirvana of Neverland

~Never land is home to lost boys like me, and lost boys like me are free~

~Ruth B.

Nestled in nirvana, lost in  the wondrous nourishment of these woodlands, love filled, dripping with liberty. Day dreaming about my essence, my existence and what it could be, in another space time reality. Oh the magic in this moment is all mines. The very soul of me drenched in the deliciosity of the divine.

A cozy cottage where fantasy and make believe manifest into the rhapsody of reality. Whispers from whimsical woodland creatures telling me to wander freely, I pinch myself, wondering if I am dreaming. The wise owl cosmically caresses the core of me, telling me that the mystique of the unknown is not what it appears to be. For as you are on your way, the path shall appear, ever so clearly, captivated by this luminescent clarity.

My insides indelibly intertwined with the whistle of the wind, as I float further, falling deep within.It is there that I am rekindled with a long lost friend. As night falls, darkness drapes over this fantasy land, the cue for the man in the moon to come out of the shadows, reaching out his hands as he asks my free spirit to engage in an ever so elegant dance, enveloping my heavy heart in a haven that is ever so heavenly. Sprinkling fairy dust onto these barren lands, forever nestled in the nourishing nirvana of this Neverland, today, tomorrow, for an eternity.


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Abstract Ft. Ruth B.- Neverland

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