The Universe Speaks

The universe speaks, each magical utterance, preciously placed all in a conspiracy to assure that we advance, ever so enigmatically expand, diving deep as we are intertwined in this divine dance. Resurrected by the rhapsody of this romance. Reveling in the Rapture of your Reflection. Caramelized in the endearing cadence of your Confection. Immersed in the very essence of each and every inflection, paved in this blessed path of perfection, karmic protection. Celestially caressing my consciousness with this cosmic connection, intimately involved in this ineffably intergalactic intersection. Engaged with your eternal elevation, envelopes me in the embodiment of elation, as I transcend to a most delicious destination. Indulging in this ineffable incantation, drifting along in my most destined direction, soaking in the substance of your sacred essence, as I sit in the blissful solitude of self-reflection.

The universe speaks, embraced by the echoes of eternity, each sacred sign, felicitously freezing the soul of me, for a moment in time. Oh what supernatural splendor, each angelic message mesmerizes me, enchantingly elevating my mind, so amorously aligned. Soaring with the stars, soaked in these riveting revelations, so succinctly sublime. Causing the ever so sheer veil to disappear, shattering our paradigm, leaving heavenly hidden treasures that only the wise incessantly seek and so serendipitously find. Oh this serenade of synchronicity so timelessly refined. A rhythmic rendezvous seeping into each synapse of my subconscious mind, nestling in the nirvana of the nostalgia that you ephemerally leave behind. Indelibly interconnected, kindred to the embers of my heart, cradled in this haven for all times.


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