The Artistry of Positively Peaceful Poetry

Artistry of Positively Peaceful Poetry:

Poetry is a vibratory ambrosia of exquisite depth, sucking out the marrow of life until there is nothing left. The artistry of poetry should ever so artfully create an ambiance reflective of that which is felt within the chambers of the poet’s heart, whether these chambers are immersed in light or draped in the depths of the dark, allow for your soul to speak through you, for the soul is the poets most divine counterpart. Allowing for each vibratory verb to seep through to another’s heart, igniting a revolution with our wonder filled words, re-kindling that special spark. Marveling at the magic in the most soul shifting stories ever told, graced with more sweetness than your ears have ever heard, the lines between earth and reality blurred. So soulfully sublime, so serenely superb. Frozen in a moment in time, as each line drips like liquid love from the divine. A peep hole created, as our world is blessed with a glimpse into the essence of you, the marvel of being intertwined with your mind, as you allow for your heart and soul to sacredly shine through. Allow for each pros to be provoked by the purest form of passion, enchanted by the notion that your works shall caress the hearts of many, for an eternity, everlasting

  1. Choose your Words Wisely: Words are like vivacious vibrations, filled with enchanted energy and felicitous frequencies, caressing the very depths of thee. As such we must choose our words wisely. For we must decide which emotion we want to enchantingly evoke, leaving the readers mind soaked. Choose words that are dripping with the essence of the feeling that you want to profess, ever so delicately provoke. And as you allow for this magic to arise, you take the reader by surprise, allowing them to see the world through your glorious gaze, your endearing eyes. Much can be said with minimal words, if you choose words that emphasize and symbolize that which has been internalized in your mind. For your wondrous work, shall be forever memorialized, so why not maximize and so emphatically epitomize your feelings so that you might revolutionize our world, as each soul is individually rhapsodized, uplifting the vibration of our universe one soul at a time.
  2. Be Dazzling Dauntless: Forgo any fears, second guessing should be shunned from your very vocabulary. For we must be dauntless in our efforts to reveal the truth that resides within. Relentless honesty shall be your new kindred best friend, adoringly akin accompanying you as your soul shines, through each stroke of your pen. Poetry is a space of conscious candor, dripping with liquid liberation, a medium by which to remove the veil, promoting spellbinding splendor. When other souls sense your boldness, your authenticity, your devoutness to staying true to yourself, you reflect this dauntless strength of character, reminding others to allow for the truest versions of themselves to shine through too, and oh what a most glorious thing to do, as each soul becomes the greatest version of themselves, through & through.
  3. Felicitously Flow: Don’t think, just flow! When we are in a flow, in a groove, we allow for our soul to speak through us ever so smoothly, oh how deliciously groovy! For even if you don’t know; your heart, your subconscious mind knows the depth of where your writing shall go. Often, when thought clouds our mines, we stop for a moment in time and can second guess ourselves, this can be crippling to unlocking the treasures of our minds. Let your heart do the talking and your hands fine tune each magical line. We all have a unique flow, whether fast or slow, surrender to your spirit, put yourself on display for a grand show, leaving both the poet and the reader aglow.
  4. Immerse in Imagination: Imagination is what sprinkles color upon the canvas of our nation. All souls have been graciously dipped, oh so generously drenched in their own unique delectable essence of the divine, therefore we all have priceless finds in the treasure trove that is our minds, at any given moment in time. So why not paint our world with the wondrously whimsical world that prances, delightfully dances inside. For ingenuity and innovation certainly harnesses the power to transform a nation, enamor it with enchanted elation. So leave an indelibly unique mark on your writings ingrained with your imagination, enticing in your readers the fragrance of a fantasy filled sensation.
  5. Indwell in the Ineffable: A bounty of the world’s beauty lies in that which can neither be seen with the naked eye, nor touched with the heavy hand, but instead can be ever so tenderly felt with our hearts. In sucking out the marrow of life, until the depths are dry, we must touch on the ineffability of life’s wonders, spellbinding the minds of your reader for a moment in time, allowing the reader to get lost in the unimaginable, the unfathomable a peephole into that which is breathtaking, delectably divine. Sometimes the words may be hard to find, but we must be ever so connected with our hearts, and it is in these chambers that the right words we shall effortlessly find, as the flashlight that is your intuitions allows for your inner light to shine.
  6. Consciously Concise: The concoction of wondrous words, oh so vivacious verbs should be nestled neatly together ever so concise, so that your message may captivate and caress the conscious mind of the reader with ease, using the power of only a few words to bring them to their knees. Utilizing the spoken word to profess yourself ever so pithy, leaving no question in the reader’s mind of the message being recited ever so endearing, explicitly. As their minds eye sees the very reflection of       your heart & soul, a captivating calm that can be sensed ever so clear, crisply.

~Lavish in this Liquid Love as it Drips throughout the Soul of You, each Paint Stroke, a Reflection of the Marvelous Masterpiece that is You~


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