Love for a Moment in Time

We were a part of eachothers reality for but a brief moment in time, our hearts and souls infinitely intertwined. For I was yours and you were mines. Our love was patient, and tenderly kind. When our spirits initially connected, there was never a moment where you weren’t on my mind. You were my most cherished treasure, something so rare, so hard to find. Oh what a blissful state of mind. We shared moments that were oh so refined, sprinkled with sparks of the divine.

Oh where did this heavenly love go? In hindsight was our love blind? What we once thought was one of a kind, is now no longer mine, along the way, one of us reluctantly resigned, love no longer reciprocated, a love declined. A love trapped, shattered and confined. A love that once put me on cloud nine, with no boundaries, unable to be defined. A love, not bounded by the illusion of time, but infinitely limitless in my mind. Luckily, we cannot press rewind, for there is no time to look behind. For there is a bright love filled future ahead of me that I claim as mines.


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