Soul Shaking Spiritual Awakening

At times, I wish that I would’ve never experienced this spiritual awakening, it feels so heavy, so profoundly debilitating, has a huge impact on my decision making, leaves me feeling stuck, I can feel my whole-body shaking, my insides quacking, so overwhelmingly overtaking. Oh what a tremendous undertaking, to follow the call of ones spirit, regardless of how painstaking, disregarding external distractions, and the hearts of others that I may be forsaking. Oh to follow your hearts desires how breathtaking, earthshaking, yet graciously groundbreaking. However, let there be no mistaking, this is a uniquely wondrous journey that my soul is partaking in, but first my spirit must breakthrough the aching that I feel within. What a scary undertaking, yet instill, a reminder that all answers reside within, there is comfort in the unknown, in knowing that a new reality shall unfold and emerge in the end, most beautifully begin, and so I greet this gracious thought astoundingly aglow, with a grin.


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