Crossroads Crossroads, reaching back for the remnants that rest in my rear view, where the sky was once clear, iridescent, bountifully blue, in hindsight the answers were always in clear view. Soul torn by this internal tug of war, shaken to my very core, as I respond to my souls call to explore, enchanted by that which lies ahead, soaked in the wonderment of what this journey has in store. Consciously contemplating if it shall be all that I have ever hoped for, and so much more.

Crossroads Crossroads, precious pieces of my soul sprinkled across the pavement, rolling with the wind, as they grace the soil of deserted roads, oh how I wish to break the mold, pave these streets in gold. Crossroads Crossroads, these stardust particles that dwell inside the core of me are drenched in dauntlessness, destined for greatness and nothing less, for every cell in my body has been bountifully blessed, pre-destined to pass all of life’s tests.

Crossroads Crossroads, reminiscing on the past, reminding myself that all is transitory, nothing ever truly lasts. And so for now, I shall gaze up at the sky at these shining stars, while resting in the green glory of the fields in this grass. Knowing that this moment in time shall illusively pass, for what has been destined for me has been ingrained in my predestined purpose filled path.


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