Dauntless Dame

~Forgo Fear, Dare to be Dauntless my Dear~

Dauntless Dame oh Dauntless Dame. There is profound power in your name, for you my dear have been most ornately ordained to graciously roam free, like a lioness untamed. Oh my sweet dear may you eternally remember that you have been most fearfully and wonderfully made, may this fabulous ferocity accompany you for the rest of your days, as you carry on to the path that has been precisely, preciously, and most perfectly paved.

Dauntless Dame oh Dauntless Dame, you embody the very essence of alchemy, harnessing the heavenly power to magically transform, to cataclysmically change, the very presence of pain into showers of strength until nothing but pure perseverance remains, for this pain is certainly not yours to claim, oh to be consciously caressed by courage is what your soul claims, putting all forms of fear to shame. As your spirit is ever so felicitously free to gallantly dance in each delicious drop of rain.

Dauntless Dame oh Dauntless Dame, you have been angelically, most exquisitely adorned, your life bedazzled with a bounty of blessings before you were even born. The embodiment that is you lavished in liquid love, pouring down from the skies above. Unmoved & Unshaken even when push comes to shove. Guided by grace, while your heart is being shielded by your inner strength even when it is heavy and aching, like that of a dazzling Diamond, incapable of breaking.

Dauntless Dame oh Dauntless Dame, the boldness bestowed in your beautiful breath has the power to uplift our nation, nourishing and nurturing each enchanted soul, each encounter sprinkled with elation. My dearest you are dripping with dignity, remaining undaunted and determined as you dive head first into a promise filled destination. Carefully coloring each crevice of our world with your ever so invincible heir of inspiration. A force to be reckoned with, your quiet yet daring determination. Cradling our universal consciousness in your compassionate contemplation, as our minds are soothed by your, tenacious touch, soaked in your most serene sensation, enlivened by your vivacious vibration, oh my dear your endearing essence eternally endures as the world’s most delightfully delicious creation.

~Precious, Powerful beyond Measure, you my Dear are a Timeless Treasure. ~


5.Word of the Week:Dauntless

Dauntless ~ positive word meaning

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