Drenched in the Divinity of the Depths of Solitude

In the depths of solitude, as I profoundly pontificate, in a positively pensive mood. Cradled in each contemplative crevice, my soul guided by the graciousness in each groove. Pondering in this positively peaceful place, in this heavenly havens I have nothing to prove. Magically moved by these ever present conscious thoughts, that the divine alone has carefully directed for me to choose. For there lies a bounty of bliss in the undertones of this blues. As my spirit soaks in this sea of silence, immersed in the depths of deep thought, the heart of me reborn, remarkably re-birthed, astoundingly anew.

Sipping in each drop of your solitary nature, I am cognizantly captivated by your candor as I timelessly transcend into the tastefulness of your truth, forever sentimentally soothed by the glory of the grace that your enigmatic essence exudes. Internally praying that no other soul intrudes, for this moment shall solely be shared betwixt me and you, settled in the sanctuary of my most sacred solitude. Immersed in this infinite space of ineffability, inspired by the intensity of this intimacy, as my insides are illuminated, and inquisitive sort of insightfulness is what endearingly ensues. Invigorated by the indwelling of this intuition, invoking inner peace and positively peaceful intentions.

Majestically meditative as the essence of the me marvels at the magic of this mindsight, lavished in the very presence of this illustrious inner light. Fascinated by the flow of this implicit fortitude, as I am gently grounded, while felicitously flourishing, floating freely,taking flight. Relishing in the silence of this most revered romance, most serenely out of sight, raptured by the restorative nature of this most rejuvenating revival from inside. Most adoringly aligned, affirmatively awakened, most aboundingly alive.And so my soul shall honor these heavenly havens, savoring each soul nourishing soulfully sustaining salvation, as I am enchanted by your silent artistry moving through, this enlightened sense of exuberance expressed with every melodious move.


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