Mindsight Mindgsight, be mesmerized by the melodic marvels of your mind, for each compassion fuled current that caresses our conscious mind, a sacred sign from the divine. Sending a sensational symphony straight down my spine. Magical messages momentously moving through the peephole of my minds eye. Eyes wide shut, delving deep into the well inside, oh the precious treasures found in the depths within inscribed with indelible insights, attuning with the illumination of your inner light. Each felicitous frequency a reflection of the electromagnetic energy of what enchantingly connects you to me. Having been felt, felt by you, syncopates my soul with the soul of you. And now the realities of our minds are momentarily intertwined, cognizantly captivated by this enigmatically electrified moment in time.

Mindsight Mindsight, As each synaptic kiss reawakens the neurons in my brain of their inherent potential for neurogenesis, for my mind harnesses the very power to rest in eternal bliss. Dancing with my hearts desires, each neural connection drenched in dopamine, invokes each and every one of my cells to fire. Observing this atomic artistry as it miraculously moves through the soul of me. Enveloped in your ethereally electric elegance. Each endearing echo, flowing through the very fiber of my being. A most radiantly reflective reminder to become in tune with my seventh sense as my soul begins to sing.

Mindsight Mindsight, The floodgates of oxytocin pouring through each precious pathway, lavishes the essence of me in liquid layers of love, as blissful blessings blossom and bloom from the skies above. A benevolent bond betwixt the beautiful mind of you, the beautiful mind of me. May our souls forever flow in an oasis of love, a heavenly heartfelt harmony of peaceful positivity. A positively peaceable paradigm, where we are all perfectly free, graced with the glory of glee. Soaked in this sublime sea, as we delve into the divinity of our destiny.


6.Word of the Week: Mindsight

Mindsight ~ positive words meaning

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