Nestled in my Introverted Nature

Just like you, a sentient being, forever wearing my heart on the outskirts of my sleeve, soaked in the depths of solitude is where you can find me, a heavenly hiding place where I can deeply breathe. Drowning in more depth than the outside world could ever believe. My heart, my mind, and ever-expanding intergalactic sea. A glorious getaway, floating betwixt the stars of our gracious galaxy. Marveling at the effervescent glow of the moon, their is no sight more soothing to see. Oh to be tucked away in the trenches of my thoughts, there is no place in the whole wide world my soul would rather be.

Cradled in the coziness of the clouds in the sky, as raindrops grace my minds eye, each decadently delicious drop revealing remnants of me. For a moment in time I can vividly see reflections of the soul of me with iridescent clarity. And as the rain continues to fall, I nestle against the bark of this oak tree, as liquid love and everlasting life drips down,seeping through to the essence of me,hearing laughter from the rustle of the leaves, as their beautiful bounty begins to blow in the breeze.

To be drenched in the whispers of the wind, I can feel the soul of me awaken within, like that of being cosmically caressed by the consciousness of a long lost friend, angelically akin. Comfortable in the world that exists in between, a quite observer, as I peacefully pontificate, perceiving my reality and what it means. For life isn’t what it seems, deep in thought taking solace in knowing that my very purpose for being, is to preciously paint, carefully coloring this world with my dreams. Miraculously manifesting a masterpiece out of what was once make believe. With each positively peaceful paint stroke, making the very existence of time freeze, my insides lovingly liberated, momentarily freed. Oh to uplift the the universal consciousness with my compassionate contemplation is surely my life’s creed. Saturating each crevice of our world with sweetly sublime seeds of positivity, eternally planted in the soil , lavished in the notion that love is the key to unlocking our divine destiny.


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