Trump as the Catalyst for a Campaign to Cascade Compassion Across our Collective Consciousness

~We are Co-Creators of our Reality, lets cascade compassion over our Collective Consciousness~

We are tuning in with our capacity to be co-creators of our reality, able to proactive in cascading compassion over our collective consciousness, transforming any forms of frustration into benevolently building up our nation, committing to being consciously cooperative, as we begin to see the differences in one another as charmingly complimentary. As we exist cohesively caressed by our interconnectivity, as caring and considerate citizens of the heavenly human race, brilliantly beautiful human beings

The recent election of Donald Trump has sent a ripple through our collective conscious, in such a way that it seeps into our layer of subconscious. A radical reality shift for many, for these radical results seem to be inexplicable, unimaginably uncanny. But my dear forgo any felt frequencies of fear, for the universe has a funny way of shinning a light upon the darkness, in its insidious attempt to appear, for although, right now the reasoning isn’t consciously clear, in hindsight, answers are what you shall hear. And until this magical momentum comes, we must uncover the veil that exists in the fabric of our reality ever so sheer, shedding light on the divine fact that when love is lavished in our heart, that all forms of hatred shall felicitously fade away, disappear.

Although the realities of many hearts have been momentarily shattered in coming to grips that Donald Trump has been elected president, I have taken a keen notice to the manifestation of a mending of hearts. As we step into a reality shifter for which we feel as though we have no control, we transform this dismay into a form of empowerment and self-control, generously paved in the glory of gold . We shift our energy from focusing on the external factors that are out of our control and begin to focus our energy inwardly and as we gaze into our souls we begin to awaken the power in us that has always resided within. For we take a step back from the illusion of reality and delve into the depths of our hearts desire, we begin to feel inspired, contemplating ways in which we can make a difference on an individual level as we elevate our consciousness higher and higher.

On numerous occasions, I have noticed that the recent elections, have awoken a wave of compassion within the hearts and souls of all of us, it has revealed that we are now more focused on harnessing our power to promote inner peace, which shall spread throughout the globe indefinitely. For our mindsight has been sharpened and we are reminded that we are benevolent beings, reflections of love in one another, we are all sisters and brothers, connected at the core to each other. So lets continue to harp the hymn of harmony that sings within, lets lift up our brethren. As we, profoundly profess our power and impactfully impart positivity. For it is the seeds that we sew that shall be reflective of how our nation grows, Bestowed a Bounty of Blissful Blessings as we are graced with the beauty of the colors radiating from the reflection of our inner selves, carefully crafted like the colors from a rainbow. Left feeling astoundingly, a glow, we are guided in a divine direction of loving liberation, an insightful illumination of integration, a compassionate celebration, enchantedly enveloped in endearing elation.

~Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and righting, there is a field. I’ll meet you there. ~



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