Positively Peaceful Pluviophile

~Raindrops are reflections of the Soul of me, the Soul of you,Soaked in Solace as we are Drenched in the Divinity of your Dew~

Positively  Peaceful Pluviophile, Poured with your Peace of Mind, Soaked in your Serene Smile, Oh a Profoundly Perfect Paradise, Dripping in the Divinity of your Delight. The Rhapsody of your Rainfall, Revives me with your Reverent Revelations, What a Soulfully  Rapturous Sensation., as I am Soothed by the Solace of your Rejuvenation. Cozily Rested in this Refreshingly Renowned Romance, The Soul Sees Reflections of you in the Glory of your Gracious Glance, there Lies Deep, a Recognition, a Reality Shifting Relatedness. As my Enchanted Essence is Ethereally Enveloped,  Cradled in the Rapture of  your Collective Consciousness.

Positively Peaceful Pluviophile, as you Pave each Carefully Placed Crevice of this Rocky Road, You Rest Upon the Heavenly Haven of the Heart of Each and Every Soul . Painting Radiant Rainbows inside of the Reflective Perfection of Puddles, A Sight that Shall be Sensed Ever so Subtle, as the Precious Precipitation of your Presence Bestows a Bounty of Bliss Filled Blessings. Oh to be Caressed by your Celestially Calmative Whispers, Consoled by your Comforting Clarity. The Soul Of Me Timelessly Touched by the Tender Transparency of this Tranquility. I am Lavished in your Love Laden Liquid Potion. Drenched in the Depths of the Opulent Oasis of your Ocean. Nestled in the Nirvana Residing within me, Ever Expanding, Overflowing.

Positively Peaceful Pluviophile, I Shall Revel in the Remarkable Recognition of this Reflective Reality for Awhile. Free Falling with the Felicitous Flow, as my Breath is taken Away by the Brevity of your Becalming Blow. The Lovely Layers of my Soul Begin to Unfold, Leaving me Gracefully Aglow. The Soul of the World Sends a Spark Through The Spine of Every Fiber of My Being, as Your Silent Symphony, Soulfully and Serenely Sings. Dripping in the Decadently Delightful Magic of your Majestic Memory, Adorned by the Ambiance of your Astoundingly Angelic Ability, to Timelessly Transcend me with your Entrancing Trickle. Eternally Wrapped in the Warmth of your Whimsically Wondrous Whistle. Mesmerized as I Marvel in the Melody of your Miracle

~Revel in the Revival of the Rain, Where Reflections of Rainbows Overshadow the very Presence of Pain~


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7.Word of the Week: Pluviophile

PLUVIOPHILE ~ positive word meaning

 Serene Sounds for the Positively Peaceful Pluviophile:

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