Glory of Gratitude


Oh the Glory of Gratitude, harmonious hymns from the heavens above, whispers to emphatically embrace an ever-present appreciative attitude. High spirited, being gracefully guided by this good-willed groove. Oh the sound of this selflessly sweet symphony, our souls ever so sublimely soothed. Havens of our hearts tenderly touched by the splendidly smooth tune of a thank you. Cradled by your compassionate filled cadence, endearing empathy is what your essence exudes. The beautiful brevity of your benevolence bestowed, causes my spirit to breathtakingly blossom, most blissfully bloom.

Oh the Glory of Gratitude, adorned in your altruistic affection, our collective consciousness colored by your charitable confection. Unconditionally uplifting one another, as we gaze into the sea of kindness, with love radiating as our reflection. The buoyancy of your benignity an abounding blessing. Professing peace with each sprinkle of generosity, a path preciously paved in positively peaceful perfection. Oh how I shall cherish this most cordial connection, as we cooperatively coincide, drifting off into a most delightfully  divine direction.

Oh the Glory of Gratitude, Each supremely sweet pleasantry, a seed that we sow, lavished in pure love, most generously left aglow. Soaked in sunshine from the skies above, as we gracefully grow. Flourishing as I am fortified by this felicitous flow, enlivened by your ever so gracious tempo, rhythmically reminded to remain eternally thankful, ever so endearingly grateful. Garnished in gold as this love in the harvest of my heart is like that of an obliging oasis, as it ever so amorously overflows.


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Gratitude ~ positive word meaning

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