Dimensions of Light

Dimensions of Light, your rhythmically resonant reflection a rainbow of color, amidst the darkness of night. Spellbound as stars shine, gazing way up high, starring deep into the soul of the worlds eyes. Suspended in this interstellar sky. Delicately peering down through the clouds with delight, bedazzled by these dimensions of light. as my spirit takes flight. Free-falling as this ephemeral energy, this forever flowing frequency lingers in the sanctity of my sight. Each luminescent halo, a most heavenly highlight. These iridescent insights invokes my insides to ignite. Every vivacious vibrations blissfully bouncing  atop my vision ever so bright.

Dimensions of Light, time traveling in the tender transparency of your twilight. A symphony of stardust scattered across this reflective reality, soothing the soul of me. The warmth of each wavelength whispers sacred secrets to me ever so softly. The effervescence of each enlivening electron, each sparkling proton echos into eternity. Inner spirit intertwined with infinity, immersed in the illumination of this inter-connectivity. Drenched in these dimensions of divinity. Enlightened by this exquisitely ethereal electricity. Embraced by your enigmatic essence ever so endearingly.

Dimensions of Light, precious paint strokes, a play on perception as precious portraits are painted into the pavement. Each pigment betwixt the crevice of the cement. Resting there, remnants of the stories of our souls. Indelibly ingrained as they reverberate with the rhythm of the road. The majesty of our memories engraved in gold. Marveling in their magic as they timelessly unfold. For these dazzling dimensions of light are miraculous mirrors of our inner light, telling truths untold. A harmony of heavenly hymns to have and to hold.


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