Hymn of Hope

Beloved souls hold tight, for this journey we call life is never ending, it is only just beginning, for we are eternal beings, sailing along for the ride as the hymns of our hearts sing out in a heavenly symphony. Allow for the rhythm of life to bestow its beauty upon the soul of you ever so blissfully. Grooving with this felicitous flow, timelessly transcending, growing as we go, this ascensions leaving me aglow. Dancing betwixt our dreams and our desires too and fro. Moved by the miracle of each melody, the core of me cradled in the comforting cadence of your iridescent clarity. Touched by your tender transparency, held in the endearing echoes of eternity.

Hope floats in the halo of this heart warming harmony. The quintessence of your enchanted energy, sprinkles upon the essence of me, most enlightening epiphanies. Whispers from the divine for the heart to feel, not merely for the eyes to see. A beautiful unfolding, flying hand and hand with felicity, floating weightless with each ephemeral frequency., Gazing at our most glorious galaxy, soaked in an intergalactic sea of serenity. For when you are tenderly touched by tranquility the tune that you sing shall syncopate with the tune of the soul of the world ever so gracefully. The very best awaits thee, Inner spirit infinitely intertwined with the divine as the co-creator of your destiny.


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9.Word of the Week: Hope

Hope ~ positive word meaning

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