Endearingly Doting Daughter

~Inspired by my most Marvelous Mother, Lavished in a Bounty of Love Bestowed Upon my Heart like No Other~

The love of a mother is one of a kind, the havens our hearts intertwined for a magical moment in time. Overwhelmed with bliss, knowing that you are pure perfection, a reflection of the divine, just a simple look into your eyes, invokes my soul to shine, a warm reminder that everything will be alright. You are my precious piece of paradise, radiating a luminescent light unto my life even in the darkest of nights, a celestial cloak of comfort, an angel on earth, placed here by design. A cherished confidante, of whom I can always confide. Forever may we cosmically coincide, felicitously soaring high, side by side, your endearing echoes eternally resting in the marvels of my mind. The effervescent energy that you exude is truly one of a kind, such an enchantingly vivacious vibe. For all that you have endured, remaining empowered through the course of time, in your very presence I take pride.

Adorned in your affection, cradled in your compassionate confection, our memories shared a timelessly treasured collection. Content with the closeness of this connection. Carefully created as compliments to one another, the missing piece to my puzzle, the beauty bestowed upon your soul, a most revered blessing. Illuminating my path with insights as I am inspired by your essence. Preserved by the pouring of your positively peaceful protection. Glorified and Grateful for the Gracious God given gift that is you, there is tender transparency to you that I wholeheartedly adore. Nourished by your nurturing nature, lavished in your oasis of love and nothing more, your ever so kind, caring cadence caresses me to the core. A doting daughter; today, tomorrow, and forevermore.

Marveling at the majestic masterpiece that is my mother, each paint stroke overflowing with color, each heavenly hue hugs the soul of me ever so harmoniously. Each sweet shade sharing your sacred story, a serenade of serendipitous moments sparkling and shining lingering in the layers or time. Glaring at the future ahead, we shall create a sublime story that shall exist as yours and mines, a place of eternal sunshine, soaking in a space that is oh so sublime. Savoring each second of life’s simple pleasures, a splendid existence together. Blowing with the breeze, blossoming, and blooming no matter the weather, there is a belonging that I feel with you, for you make every moment that much brighter that much better. Birds of a feather, flourishing as we go, enlivened by the enjoyment of this endeavor.


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9.Word of the Week: Doting

Doting ~ positive word meaning

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