Sorrow: A Gateway to Soul Expansion

~Dearly Beloved Soul,

~That which you GO through, you inevitably GROW through~

As quoted by French Philosopher, Teilhard de Chardin, “We are not human beings having a spiritual experience, we are spiritual beings having a human experience. Meaning that we exists as human beings in this; space,time reality, however, our very essence, at our very core we are spirit beings, an embodiment of energy vibrating at different frequencies. Incorporeal beings believed to have powers to affect the course of human events. As such, we come to the realization that we posses the power to transform ourselves and our minds at any given moment in time. We are malleable beings capable of transforming our reality from the inside out. We must be wise in discerning which life experiences lend to our growth, so that we may take heed to the lessons that life is presenting to us, in an effort to elevate us, making every moment count.

As spiritual beings currently existing in human form, it is inevitable that we all shall experience bouts of sadness at one point in time during the course of our lives. These moments of sadness get a bad wrap, often having a negative connotation with pure despair and devastation. However, sadness in actuality, is an essential ingredient in soul expansion. For sadness is sign form the divine, reminding us to re-connect with our innermost selves, it is our spirits way of telling us to; tune in, listen up, and use this time wisely as a tool of elevation and growth. As such, it is vital to make a conscious effort to swim in the depths of the sea of your subconscious, getting to the root of this manifestation of sadness. Just the very thought of sitting with your sadness, delving into the depths of your very being can be unsettling, especially if it is uncharted territory. However, this precious place is where clarity, peace, of mind, and the truth lies. Believe you me, even the tears that you cry, tell a story, they have a transparency to them, reminding you that you are alive.

The key to allowing for sadness to be utilized as a tool of growth is to take a step back from the negative stream of emotions and thoughts, further strengthening your ability to tune into your spiritual existence, quietly observing the artistry as each feeling and cognition transitively passes through the soul of you. Refraining from claiming this ephemeral sweep of emotions, thus providing a barrier so that they may not consume you. There is  a beautiful sense of brevity underlying the existence of emotions, for they are fleeting, merely temporary parts of your existence, with the wholehearted intention to elevate our souls, assisting us in Growing through that which we Go through.

~The Dawn comes after the Darkest Hour of the Night~

Life in itself is a most beautiful blessing, sprinkled with loving lessons, for earth is your school and class is in session. At the time, sadness may make your reality appear stark, learning life’s lessons may seem harsh. Arising as a dark cloud atop your once sunny skies. Nevertheless, when we take a step back we shall see with iridescent clarity that each lesson is inherently positive in nature, put in place for your personal growth and fulfillment at a soul level. In efforts to reap this bounty of benefits bestowed upon your soul, we must learn to master the art of having a fondness, appreciating the underlying value of the growth that is nestled underneath the shade of sadness. For if we, don’t we run the risk of missing the opportunity of growth, instead setting ourselves up to experience the same issue in a repetitive cycle over and over again.That is until we LEARN the lesson that is so lovingly being presented to us.

As a rule of thumb, Avoiding Unhappiness is NOT the road to Happiness. We must travel through the trenches of unhappiness to gain clarity , so that we truly appreciate it when happiness happens. For we must not concern ourselves with the “Pursuit of Happiness” but instead, the “Happiness of Pursuit“. In other words we take enjoyment in stumbling upon happiness along the way, grateful for the ups and downs for they are all perfectly and most preciously put into place for our spiritual growth and our soul elevation.

In essence, our entire reason for being is to grow spiritually, with each curve ball thrown our way, learning to utilize our energetic bodies for constructive purposes. In turn uplifting ones level of consciousness, raising ones vibratory frequency. High vibrational beings can be characterized as beings of whom have released hurts of the past and are more inclined to take steps to eliminate negative thought patterns, choosing to express lovingly an joyously, which in actuality is our natural state of being. For each of us has the capacity to tap into our souls inherent well of; unconditional love, peace,harmony, undying forgiveness, and compassion everlasting.

~Refrain from claiming sadness as a part of you, befriend it, appreciate the artistry of each current as it moves through the soul of you, with the wholehearted intention of fostering the spiritual expansion of you, allowing for your purest light to shine through~


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