Transfiguration Through the Tender Transparency of your Tears

Dearly Beloved allow for yourself to be tenderly touched by the trickling transparency of your tears. Pouring with pure pain, dwelling within the depths of you for years. Sorrow seeping within the shattered soul of you, a soothing symphony that appears ever so sheer. Hymns of the hurts of my aching heart is the harmony that I hear. A crescendo cascading, coloring the curves of my cheeks, caressing my consciousness ever so candidly clear. Oh how your enigmatic echoes eternally endears.

Dearly Beloved, be touched by the tender transparency of your tears, for underlying this liquid lake of lamentation, lies a tale of transformation. Transiently traveling through the trenches, towards a soul shaking Transfiguration. Resting in a river of renewal and rejuvenation. A most rewarding release, revived, by the rhapsody of this radiant revelation. For this delicate dance with desolation is solely meant for soul elevation. Soaking in this sea of solace, the source of my spiritual salvation.Ease of the mind as the embers of my essence are enveloped in an emphatic expression of exaltation, an enlivening sort of elation.

Dearly Beloved, be touched by the tender transparency of your tears, for  they shall evanescence, ephemerally disappear. This is a time to be revered my preciously powerful pioneer. Surrender to the value of unveiling your vulnerabilities,for it is in this sacred space that your soul shall be sprinkled with wise whispers bestowed from the breath of divinity, stirring up an awakening within me. Cradled in this enlightening ascension,taking heed with a heavenly sort of humility. The soul of me expanding ever so exquisitely, a transfiguration through the artistry of this healing.


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11.Word of the Week: Transfiguration

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