Expansive Ineffability

Expansive Ineffability, the soul of me shaking, my insides quaking, the illumination bestowed upon my spirit blissfully breathtaking, the brevity of your beauty earth shacking. Enveloped in the essence of your euphoria, exquisitely embraced by the enchanted glory of your grace, spellbound as I am suspended in this most sacredly sublime space, this profoundly idyllic place. The intensity of your rapturous intentions invigorates me, lavished in pure love, intertwined with our glorious galaxy, felicitously floating away, one with gravity. Reveling in the rhapsody of this space- time reality, oh how I reverence the presence of thee, drenched in the depths of divinity, mesmerized by the magic in this moment, nestled in the nirvana of this melody, indelibly etched into the embers of my memory.

Expansive Ineffability the remnants of your effervescent energy, ephemerally grace atop the skin of me, yet your tender embrace everlasting. Immortal traces of thee,ingrained in the ever-endearing echoes of eternity. Held in the havens of my heart, touched by this heavenly hymn ever so tenderly. Caressed by the crescendo of your cadence ever so gracefully. My pores pleasantly opened, poured with a bounty of your precious piquancy, my reflection an embodiment of your ebullience, expressed ever so emphatically.

Expansive Ineffability immersed in this silently sublime sea of sentiment, your inherently indescribable nature, iridescently implicit. An unspoken wave of exaltation, adorned in jewels of jubilation. Enamored by this endless flow of elation, overwhelmed as the soul of me soaks in an oasis of exhilaration. Colored with contentment, my conscious mind momentarily held in awe inspiring captivation, lingering in the exultation of your liberation. Enlivened by the expansion of this impassioned sensation, held in complete adoration.


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Word of the Week: Ineffability


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