Halcyon- Paul Hardcastle:

Halcyon, mesmerized by the magic of your melody, nestled in your nirvana laden nostalgia, majestically moved by the mercy of your memory. Soaking in your sacredly salacious symphony, the soul of me suspended in this sublimely sweet space, ever so splendidly. Savoring each and every second, as this sensuous sentimentality seeps deep within the spirit of me. A reminiscent rendezvous with the remembrance of your rhapsody. An ever revered recollection, soulfully spellbound as your souls song soothes me. Your heavenly hymn has so tenderly taken a hold of me, caressed by your idyllic cadence ever so slowly. An immaculate impression ingrained indelibly within the havens of my heart as a reverberating harmony.

Halcyon, the essence of me euphorically entranced, enveloped in your exquisite energy. Endearingly embraced by your enchanted echoes, etched into the embers of my mind for an eternity, reveling in the remnants of your ever enduring glory.  Your precious presence a picturesque place to be, pores overflowing with passion, as your pure perfection is poured upon the soul of me. A passageway to paradise, indubitably, a bounty of bliss bestowed upon me, breath oh so beautifully taken from me, illuminating inwardly, immersed in a sea of ineffability. Intimately intertwined with infinity.

Halcyon, garnished in your grace, amorously adorned in liquid gold. Timelessly touched by your sumptuous undertones, as the felicity of your flow unfolds, surely a fantasy foretold, an alluringly lovely hallucination, what a vision to behold. Floating away freely, drenched in the decadence of this delectable dream, a delicate dance with divinity, gracefully interlaced with the soul of thee, magnetically mingling betwixt the marvels of my memory. Forever lavishing the soul of me, evermore lingering within the depths of me ever so lovingly.


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12.Word of the Week: Halcyon


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