Impassioned Pursuit of Purpose

~When you Fight the Power, it Won’t Persist, if you fall in Love make sure its Bliss, demons Conquer when your Down. Don’t forget that you make us proud. So, March back to the top and Don’t you ever Stop~

~Tion Phipps

Passionately Pursue your Purpose my dear, the hardest part lies in taking that first step, but I promise that when you do, the way shall appear, you shall see that there are only infinite possibilities from here, for you possess boundless potential my dear.  Forgo the forethought of fear, for when you are pulled into a purpose driven path, you shall be so inclined to persevere, the veil of failure shall fade away, ever so miraculously disappear, caressed by a cascading cadence, as the the soul of the world cheers, echoing throughout our atmosphere Aspire to be all that which you desire, surrender to this splendor, as your dreams tenaciously take the wheel and steer. Taking pleasure in this enchanted endeavor, as your destiny paints your world in pure perfection, your destination colored with divine direction, appearing ever so clear. Finding happiness in the pursuit, garnished in gratitude, as you proceed to the beautiful unfolding of your glory, never ceasing in exploring. For greatness awaits you, it has been written as a surprisingly sublime ending to all of our stories.

Passionately Pursue your Purpose my dear, as you push forward, full steam ahead up the hill, enjoy life’s simple pleasantries, and sprinkles of truth shall be revealed. Reality is merely a dream, yet in still dreams are for real. For your preciously unique perception, is your secret weapon, serving as a shield of self-protection, resilience lies in remnants of your reflection. For your inherent invincibility, your proclivity towards peace and positivity, is a poignantly powerful projection. Far-reaching, bestowed upon the hearts of many, as hymns of hope exists as the undertone to the message that you are so graciously professing, oh what a beautiful blessing. Although the road may not always be pristine and pleasant, when we change our perspective we see that the path is overflowing with loving lessons, meant for the sole purpose of soul progression.

Passionately Pursue your Purpose my dear, the universe holds you in high regard, you are ever endearingly revered, don’t worry yourself with the fall, for the only place to go is up from here, for pressure harnesses the power to create diamonds my dear. With each precious step that you take, in seeing the magic in every move that you make, the peak draws ever so near. Committed to the climb of this conquest, envisioning your victory as the climax becomes ever so clear. An immaculate creation, ingrained with the intention to not just survive, but to thrive, to exist fully awakened, astoundingly alive, allowing life to take you by surprise. A delicate dance betwixt you and your dreams. A revelatory reminder that you were born to find your wings. Oh what a felicitous flight, as your soul begins to sing. Destined to touch the sky, in harmony with the heavens, as your spirit soars ever so high. You and eternity indelibly intertwined, as your ever-expansive essence lingers in the embers of time, illuminated from within, causing the soul of the world to shine. Healing the world, through secret passageway that resides inside.

~Own your Life, it don’t come with Second Chances, Climb the Walls break Down the Fences, Own your Life, cuz’ you aint Livin’ if you Don’t, Someone else Will, if you Won’t.~

~Tion Phipps


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