Serendipity:What you Seek is Seeking You

~Life is a tapestry of events that culminates in an exquisitely sublime plan.~

Serendipity, a hymn of happenstance, in the grand-scheme a part of a perpetually precious plan. A culmination of exquisite events that appear to happen by chance, conspiring in our felicitous favor, as we drink in the deliciosity of this divine dance. In harmony with the universe, my dreams and my destiny, betwixt one another, hand in hand. Oh the beauty bestowed in the brevity in every blink, as the soul of the world winks, momentarily in sync. Surrendering to the splendor of your synchronicity, each sacred sign seeping into my subconscious mind ever so subliminally, sprinkling atop me, ephemeral prophesies ever so exquisitely. A continual stream of conversation with the consciousness of divinity, a cosmic current resting in the sanctity of my sight ever so clearly.
 Marveling at the transient magic of each moment,manifesting miracles with the passage of time. A predestined syncopation,  simpatico with the cosmos, soul and the stars aligned, celestially intertwined.An ethereal ascension, is what my ephemeral essence envisions, as you whisper sweet secrets to me, speaking to this spirit of mines, invoking my insides to shine. In tune with this intergalactic intuition, as the soul of me lovingly stops and listens, paying ever so close attention, for to ever so graciously guide and elevate the soul of me is your sole intention, an expansion of the mind as you endearingly escort me to an enlightened existence, enamored by this edifying expedition.
Serendipity, Illuminating the darkness of night, progressing through the plight of life,  immersing upon my inner spirit inspiring insights, paving the way toward a promised paradise.A devotion to deciphering the meaning of each omen a sublime part of the majesty of this design. An awakened state of mind, as this unspoken unfolding, enlivens you, making you feel more and more alive,with the discovery of each perfectly placed treasure that you find. Each joyous jewel each most glorious gem, taking your soul by surprise, ineffability personified. Never ceasing in believing in the blessed power to believe in all that you aspire to achieve, for what you seek is seeking you, in a cosmic conspiracy, for you to be gracefully guided to your destiny. A faith filled journey fueled by fate, unfurling ever so fortuitously, coloring your world with iridescent clarity, there is no greater form of prosperity.
~That which you seeking is seeking you ~

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