Raison d’etre

Collapsing into your clandestine chasm, unveiling resting rifts, untold tales of this transparent tryst. Surrendering to the solemn submission of surreptitious secrets. Unraveling at the seams, as these admissions creep into my core, plunging into the abyss like never before, enticed to explore. Cloaked in the crevices of this covetous, the soul of me unveiled in the cracks of each and every crevasse. Transfiguration through truths untold, trailing through these unmentioned trenches, sinking under tension. Layers of me infinitely unfurling in the unfolding of this enigmatic entanglement. As the cadence of your divine disclosure, caresses the essence of every covert enclosure, the void uncovered, valiantly discovered, remnants of the truest essence of you revived, roped in, reverently recovered.

Esoteric echoes cryptically unlocking this illusive vault, iridescent insights trail atop transcendent thoughts, an unavoidable awakening, candidly coloring the cavern that is me with inconspicuous reflections of clarity, lucidly lingering in this revelatory ravine, a rendezvous with these un-divulged actualities. The sheer soul of me, soaked in sworn whispers, as they wash upon me unwaveringly, suspended in this sanctified sea, impenetrably purifying me, poured upon me ever so preciously. These honest hymns hovering within the havens of me, delicately delving into the depths of this profundity, serenading the spirit of me subliminally, with ever so sweet sincerity.

A silent symphony that softly speaks to me, an unspoken opening, invoking an ineffably perennial ascension. A supremely unequivocal awakening, holding stake in this unimaginable undertaking, an irrevocably rhythmic revelation, onward, devoid of resignation. Unaccompanied by caution or contrition. Trekking towards the timeless treasures that rest in the embers of this cave. A vacancy, often residing dormant. Yet, a perfect unfolding, for souls that supervene in submergence, evoking an enlivening sudden emergence, an ineffable revealing of the Raison d’etre, harnessed in the havens of your hearts, existing as the only hospitable place of holding.


© [Diamond Orso] and [PositivelyPeacefulInspirations.com], [2016-2017]. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this site’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to [Diamond Orso] and [PositivelyPeacefulInspirations.com] with appropriate and specific direction to the original content.

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