Ascension within the Abyss

The core of me calving into this collapsing chasm, crumbling, cracking, piece by piece, no escape as your comely call consumes the consciousness of me. Caught in your continuous current as your calculated chaos cradles the inconspicuous chaos that creeps into each crevice of me unwaveringly., delicately disorderly. A cataclysmic capsizing, carried into a cavern of clarity, each enigmatic enclosure enlightening the essence of me, an unprecedented uprising. Tempted into this transcendent typhoon, poised as the spirit of me is pulled into this perilous passageway, an outpouring of purity penetrates every part of me, a prolific path paved with perennial possibilities.

Artfully awakened by this abysmal ascension. The soul of me swept away at sea, submerged in this sacred suspension ever so relentlessly swimming. Trailing atop these tumultuous waves, indefinitely drifting, dauntlessly delving into the depths, divinely descending. Roped in by this revelatory remembering, remnants revealed by each tide of tender transparency. Lingering in these layers of liquid lucidity, as each ever enduring echo tells of tall tales, trickling through the trenches of me, ethereal embers of past pilgrimage’s, whispering esoteric secrets to the embers of me.

An epochal emergence, eternally explorative rising through the ravine of resting rifts, these revelations irrevocably restorative, at the very tip of the ice berg your identity sits, held at the highest of altitudes, absorbing the abiding ascent that exists as a vacancy within the abyss, a reverenced reflection of an alchemist, timeless treasures found within the void, retrieved vehement valiance. For beloved, the luminescent light that you seek incessantly lingers within the waters of the frozen tundra within. Preserved by the glorious grace of this glacial safe haven, as rays from the suns light, bestowed ever so blissfully bright, causes the ice to thin. Breaking through the crystalline cloak of this frosty Iceland, invokes for your ever enduring essence to transfiguratively transcend.


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